S.M.U.G November Meeting

Our November meeting is on Thursday the 8th of November from 1-3pm at Community Junction Inc in the North St Marys Neighbourhood Centre. Located on the Cnr Debrincat Ave & Oleander Rd, North St Marys NSW. The centre’s phone number is (02) 9673 3908. Entry to the centre’s car park is via Debrincat Lane.

We use The Ukulele Club Songbook Vol 1 & 2 so pick out a couple of songs to share.  All musicians and instruments welcomed. I’ll have spare uke’s if you need a  lend for the day.



Ukulele Power chords

A power chord is made up of two notes – the root (1) and 5th notes of a major scale.

Detailed information on power chords :  https://liveukulele.com/chords/power-chords/




Also a lot a lot of great information :  http://ukeland.co.uk/article/428

The site also has this chart :



And for the Baritone ukulele players out here Uncle Raggy has a tutorial on power chords :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFItk_PExqY


Hotel California

When I was first learning guitar this song was almost mandatory for guitarist to know. To the point that a music store i used to go to got so sick of people playing it to try out guitars they had a very tounge in cheek sign up asking people to play any other song than Hotle California or Stairway to Heaven.

So here it is a tutorial for Hotel Calfornia on ukulele.