Strum patterns

Christopher Davis-Shannon has a fabulous website I follow him on Instagram and he has some really good information and lessons for ukulele players.

Triplet strum

His main site is

Ukulele Mag had a Ukulele Lesson with Daniel Ward : Teaches You to Hold Down the Groove


Jennifer Lopez shares ukulele concert by daughter Emme and Alex Rodriguez’s girls Ella and Natasha

Ukulele site

Stumbling round  the net and found this site

They have their songbooks up as pdf’s available in standard and baritone aas well as left handed editions. Fabulous


I know a few of us play more than uke. I found this when I was searching for a banjo book on this site

G+ ukulele chords

Chords that have a +symbol are the same as an augmented chord, (Aug), the term in interchangable. On this site is a nice clear explaination, there is a

“Technically speaking, an augmented chord is a major chord with a raised (sharpened) fifth. So for an augmented triad we would have the scale formula 1- 3 – #5. This equates to the notes C, E, G# for the C augmented chord.”



Standard tuning GCEA

Below is the Baritone tuning from


For mor information on aug or + chords have a read here