Unusual Stringed Instruments

I hope everyone had a good time at the strum, I’ve still got the cold that laid me flat for the group and while I’ve been sick I discovered this instrument so I thought I’d share it with eeveryone.

The Ukelin is a bowed psaltery with zither strings made popular in the 1920s. It is meant to be a combination of the violin and the Hawaiian ukulele. It lost popularity prior to the 1970s because the instrument was difficult to play and often returned to the manufacturer before it had been completely paid for. 



They seem to come for sale on up on ebay.com pretty reguarly. I may just have to buy one.


S.M.U.G metting today

Unfortunately I’m not well today. So for our little self sufficient group I wish everyone a good time, happy strumming, have fun singing and I’ll see you next month.

July S.M.U.G Meeting

Our July meeting is on Thursday the 12th of June from 1-3pm at Community Junction Inc in the North St Marys Neighbourhood Centre. Located on the Cnr Debrincat Ave & Oleander Rd, North St Marys NSW. The centre’s phone number is (02) 9673 3908. Entry to the centre’s car park is via Debrincat Lane.

We use The Ukulele Club Songbook Vol 1 & 2 so pick out a couple of songs to share.  All musicians and instruments welcomed. I’ll have spare uke’s if you need a  lend for the day.


Muted Strums / aka Chucks


In group today I was doing a muted strum in song. It’s a really good strum to have in your bag of tricks and it’s not hard to do.

So here is a fabulous tutorial on how to do a mute strum.


It’s a while since I posted some of the resources I have found and use, so here it goes.

for just charts with chrods and lyrics





For ukulele chords and lyrics.


https://ukutabs.com (this one has a transpose feature and a lto of other resources)

https://www.ukulele-tabs.com (this site has some baritone charts as well as standard tuning. It also has a tone of resources)

Online sheet music for purchase



For just general uke stuff and tutorial